Bravely Default - Flying Fairy - Chapter 1-1

Wait, what? Bravely Default has a manga? Yup! And we decided to pick it up... Along with Glorious Scanlations! We were able to get this out with their help. We'll be working on Bravely Default together and hopefully you guys will enjoy it just as much as we did. While this chapter may seem short, lots of effort has been put into it. No worries! We're already getting onto the next chapter. Each chapter is split into parts. But hey, incentive to get the game y'know!

Please check out Glorious Scanlations here. And most of their projects are complied here! They're a wonderful group and pick up really eye-catching projects, please check it out whenever you get the chance.
Also! Please check out the site of the wonderful person that provided us the raws: Japanese 3DS! You can find their blog here. They're the most up-to-date news blog regarding Japanese 3DS games plus a few miscellaneous others and it's definitely worth checking out.

I'll admit, as someone that has played the game before, I think the manga does an excellent job at portraying the character's personalities than the game.


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