Colorless Girl and Musketeer Double Release

Hoorah! More Colorless Girl! Been a while, huh? After the mass release, we kinda pooped out while waiting for the HD raws. Also guys, if you'd like to know the progress of our projects, please refer to the projects page. There's a link there with all of our progresses all up to date (I update them consistently so it should be accurate).


Aaaaand. Introducing Musketeer! Thanks to Lonemanga for allowing us to pick it up and even getting us the HD raws! Unfortunately this is just the prologue. We're working on our own version of Chapter 1+2 for consistency in our OneDrive Reader (I mean, prologue skipping to chapter 3? Yeah it doesn't hurt to do two chapters). We need Korean to English Translators on this one if you wanna pick up the pace!! No buts, no complaints! I think the prologue says much more about the story than the current two chapters present haha, or at least that's because of the foreshadowing...


Thanks for the support. Remember that our releases depend on your positive feedback. Our staff love to see your comments and support!




  1. Cool! Thanks for picking up Musketeer!
    It looks awesome and I was wondering why there hasn't been an update in forever but now I am glad to know there will be future chapters coming out.
    Keep up the awesome work. :D

  2. Woot.

    Thank you for Picking this Up!

    Was sad that LoneManga dropped it after the first 2 chapters.

    Looking forward to future chapters xD

    Whilst im here i may as well also thank you for the translation of lucid dream. First time ive seen a a concept like that in a story. Was a really interesting and fund read.

    With that said.

    Keep up the Great work !


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