Inukai x Tribe Volume 1 is out!

Sorry for no update last week! However, we would love to share the good news that Inukai x Tribe first volume is now available for purchase! Similarly to Gaitou Alice, we would love it for you guys to support the author. You can purchase it on Amazon if you're one of the international fans (which may be a majority of you), both available for physical and kindle version  (If you don't know how to purchase from Amazon Japan, you can easily follow this guide).

Of course, the volume will have its changes compared to the online releases. So let that be an incentive for you to purchase it! And understandably, we're a bit behind in releasing this (already on chapter 6, but we've barely hit chapter 2, we really need redrawers for this project!!), but please don't let that stop you from supporting the author and the artist.

Thanks for reading!


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