Inukai x Tribe and Kuro no Tantei Double Release

Wow we took so long with the release of Inukai x Tribe that people asked us if we dropped it! No, Inukai x Tribe is not dropped, but we apologise for taking so long on it. The main reason we took so long is just because we had to jump translators recently and Inukai x Tribe requires heavy redrawing.

We're looking for anyone with some redrawing abilities to help us out here for future chapters!

Though speaking of school, I have to go back to school soon and face the wonders of graduation. How about you guys?

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And more Kuro no Tantei! Volume 7 is said to release in October 22nd, so until then, volume 6 of Kuro no Tantei will be up with monthly updates. Please note that volume 7 is the final volume of the series.

Thanks for the support. Remember that our releases depend on your positive feedback. Our staff love to see your comments and support!




  1. Anonymous8/20/2015

    Thanks for Kuro no Tantei!

    I'm both happy and sad that it's ending. Happy because prolonging a series leads to a drop in quality and higher likelihood of being dropped by scanlation groups, sad because, well, the obvious.

    1. Anonymous8/20/2015

      I didn't expect Kuro no Tantei to last this long since it was more like a series of episodes following a certain number of characters rather than an overall plot. There's only some series that can go on for so long and remain good, so I might have to disagree with you there. It's quite unfortunate for the series to end on such a sudden notice though (or at least, the final chapter feels quite sudden).

      Thanks so much for supporting us!


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