Evergreen Tea House ch18 (formerly known as Evergreen Tea Shop)

Super Secret overtooned to ch42
You can learn all about Overtooning and download the thing needed to use it HERE 
Link to original comic HERE

Well well well, looks what's back. Going back to our roots.
We have a translator for this series now, so we picked it back up. Thank you, mindelay!
We also changed the main title because of reasons.
Any editors out there interested in helping us release this series faster, please contact us.
You don't need any experience. Everyone has to start somewhere. Why not here?

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And read on Batoto


  1. Thanks so much for all the Overtooning of Super Secret! I can't get enough of the characters, their quirks, and their development.

  2. Thanks Haru and the team for translating/overtooning Super Secret! I've been following up with your translations for the past 3 weeks. Good job! I'm desperately waiting for Ch. 45+ though since last week (been checking -Stalking- daily your reddit posts for an update LMAO.



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