You have three ways to contact us. If you’re interested in joining, join our Discord and contact the person with the cat icon or do an @Alali

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Or you can fill out this form! OR just contact us through the Contact tab. We’ll get back to you ASAP discussing your position :) I reply fastest on Discord.
We do provide training when it comes to typesetting or cleaning, or more like feedback after seeing what you can do. So you don't need any experience. In this community, just willingness to learn is more than enough. We don't accept proofreaders.

Japanese/Korean/Chinese Translators: (Desperately Needed)

As the name states, you’ll be translating the text in a comic raw into English. A translator must translate roughly everything. You will be tested on how well you know the language from simple standard to slang. You can also suggest a project you would like to do. If it fits with our group's themes, then we will happily help.

→ Knowledge of the Japanese, Korean, and/or Chinese language, proficient enough for understanding of exact concept.
→ Free time.

Cleaners: (Needed)
Cleaning and editing the comic raw to enable typesetters to put in the text! You’ll be cleaning from simple text bubbles to sfx and many more (such as leveling and cleaning dust). May also require redrawing abilities. You will be tested on accuracy and knowledge in Photoshop or other art programs.

→ Knowledge in Photoshop OR other art programs (ie: Paint Tool Sai, Fire Alpaca)
→ Free time.

Typesetters: (Needed)

They’ll be typesetting the translation onto the cleaned comics. They’ll also be reading through the translation and editing/tweaking sentences for grammar and fluidity. Requires the need for various fonts and understanding in Photoshop or other art programs.

→ Knowledge in Photoshop OR other art programs that support editable text layers (text layers cannot be rasterized).
→ Free time.
 → If you're really new to typesetting, I recommend googling guides so you have a good idea of how to be an awesome typesetter ^^ It'll also make "training" easier

Quality Checkers: (Neutral)

The last step before releasing the chapter! Quality checkers are required to have a good eye for cleans/editing, various font usage, and reading through the translation and editing for grammar and fluidity. We require our Quality checkers to have some knowledge of cleaning and typesetting. You might need to make small edits here and there and you can't do that if you don't have any editing knowledge

→ Some experience with cleaning and typesetting
→ Knowledge in Photoshop.
→ Good eyes, and free time.

Communication is a must in all jobs therefore already a requirement to know basic English language (enough to hold conversation)! We prefer you have accessibility to Discord, but it's not necessary.


  1. I could be a Korean to English translator but the problem is, I'm in middle school.

    1. Is this really a problem? ;)

  2. os that a volunteer job ot a paid one?

  3. os that a volunteer job or a paid one?

  4. Yo siempre eh querido ayudar en la creacion de un manga y tengo los medios para brindar ayuda, aunque no se japones y chino pero si el ingles y se usar distintos editores de photoshop asi que puedo ayudar simplemente digan como >.<

  5. Hi, I would like to help out as a QC, if you guys have need for one

  6. I can be the type setter

  7. Hi, I take Chinese as a second language, I am able to help with some Chinese Translations as a volunteer.


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