Dying... (Short Hiatus)

So for once, we didn't update this week. Whaaa-? Reason!: We're studying! In case you haven't noticed the hints I've been dropping in updates, we're taking a short hiatus to get through testing season. Does that mean we'll stop releasing in this time period? Depends on staff and their work.

It's most likely we'll update when we get back with a huge mass release with all the chapters piled together (hopefully for all of our ongoing projects!). Not all of our staff are going through testing season, and it's likely we'll continue working on the projects during this time, though maybe some of us deserve a good break ^^; But please, do not fret over no updates! We'll probably start releasing normally again in a few weeks (give or take 2-3 weeks).

While I understand it may seem a bit unfair for us to hold onto chapters instead of releasing them the moment it's done, I personally find reading it to be more enjoyable when I can read more chapters in one go ^^ (I tend to binge-read, forgive me). Hopefully you guys can respect our decision! Instead of updating on our progress sheet in the google docs, I'll be throwing in which chapters are going to be a part of the mass release below. UPDATE: Gaitou Alice, which is close to done on both chapter 1 and 2, will be separate from the mass release since it's a new project we're introducing.


→ Colorless Girl Ch 5+6+7+8+9

→ Evergreen Tea Shop Ch 14+15

Thanks for the support. Remember that our releases depend on your positive feedback. Our staff love to see your comments and support!




  1. U.U Already 5 chapters! I'm really excited. And good luck with your exams^^


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