New Series - Gaitou Alice - Chapter 1

We also have a new series for you guys?! Gasp. 60 pages of Kurage Ichi's art, my god. Introducing Gaitou Alice, who steals the darkness inside people's hearts:

"Following the first year high school student, Arisugawa Hikaru, comes a tale of Gaitou: a thief who only appears in dreams and steals the darkness inside of people's hearts. Hikaru, one of the Gaitou, hunts down Gai rabbits, one of the lower-class demons that seek the darkness in humans. With the aid of his companion, Ban, Hikaru protects people from falling into despair, however, the game has yet to begin."

There was a subtle debate over how the title was romanized, but Logan (JTL) and Soci confirmed it for us it should be Gaitou (rather than Kaitou if anyone is thinking it should be "thief"). While we won't change the title name, feel free to comment below if you have any concerns regarding it!

With this project, we're also introducing a new member of the team: Sharn! Thanks so much Sharn for translating this for us, please give your many regards to them. Chapter 2 has already been translated and is undergoing cleans, please expect it from us soon!

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  1. Anonymous5/10/2015

    Great to see you've picked this up! Thank you very much!

    Now, if only someone would finish JOKE:ЯR'S, too... (That wasn't a hint or anything, btw ^_^)

    1. Anonymous5/19/2015

      Aha, I think there's a group still working on it? I'm unsure. I'm not a huge fan of JOKE:ЯR'S, but Kurage Ichi is a lovely artist and their twitter rambles are amusing ^_^


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