New Series - Darwin's Game - game#19

Well not really a new series, but a new series we picked up??? Um. Yes, so as roankun is going to his retirement, we'll be working on Darwin's Game from now on. We're introducing two new staff members with this project: juumoji, the cleaner, and Viktoria, the typesetter. Bless them for joining us when we were in dire need for staff ;;u;;

Anyways, we've made a few changes compared to previous chapters. Unsure if we wanted to stick to how roankun and his crew worked on the previous chapters, or if we wanted to throw in how we usually clean and typeset. We decided to stick with how we did things. Hopefully it's not like a big deal to that it completely ruins your reading experience, but we would totally like some feedback regarding those changes.

For faster releases, we would love for typesetters and quality checkers to help us out on this project!! We're seeking skilled typesetters for this manga, and for quality checker must be someone that knows their way around photoshop and should be familiar with the manga.

If you're new to Darwin's Game, please read the first 18 chapters on Batoto! Without further ado, the links:

Thanks for the support. Remember that our releases depend on your positive feedback. Our staff love to see your comments and support!




  1. Thanks for the release.
    Big love for this series :)

  2. Thank you for your release! Keep at it because we want more :)

  3. A lot of positive feedback in this post coz i love this serie and want moar plz, so:
    good job :), keep it up ^^, good job :), keep it up ^^, good job :), keep it up ^^, good job :), keep it up ^^, good job :), keep it up ^^, good job :), keep it up ^^, good job :), keep it up ^^,

  4. Thank you for continuing this series that is simply spectacular, I am Brazilian and I will be following the release here and recommending it.


  5. Thanks for contributing to this series. It is the first time I read a manga I normally only watch anime, but this series is just awsome. Cheers from Canada.

  6. Thanks alot for take this series, i like this series.
    I hope you gonna continue this series until it finished.


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