Mass Release! - Kuro no Tantei + Musketeer + Super Secret

If we have a double release the day before, and a mass release the day after, isn't this technically just a huge mass release?

Honestly, I took my time QCing all the chapters. I feel like my staff is conspiring against me to give me their chapters all at once oAo;;; Just kidding! They've been working hard to get these out, and it's been amazing how far we've come the past seven months. Can you believe it? Seven months! Honestly, how many chapters have we released since we started? It's amazing...

Anyways, I wonder what kind of situation is going on to make Kuroba make that face? Ohoho.

OneDrive Reader

And more Musketeer! As I promised, we'll be releasing every two chapters. If you wanna help fasten the pace of our releases, we would totally appreciate any typesetters for this series! Must have some familiarity with photoshop.


Super Secret!

Also we've been receiving a few questions if it's alright to post spoilers of the chapters updated in the comments. And it is completely fine to post spoilers. Just don't spoil anything that belongs to future chapters, only the ones we've updated by far. Thanks for the concern!

Thanks for the support. Remember that our releases depend on your positive feedback. Our staff love to see your comments and support!




  1. how many chapters does super secret have? also is it already finished or ongoing?

    1. Anonymous8/04/2015

      It currently has 18 chapters and it is ongoing.


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